Golden Age Superman
033B December 1940

I'm following my new format this episode, separating off discussion of real world and contemporary comics, as well as all Other Media adventures of Superman into their own episode here.

In the daily strips, a new adventure begins as Superman sets out to help change the life of the meekest man in the world.

The Sunday strips finish up Superman's confrontation with the robot bandits of Metropolis, and then Metropolis is attacked by a hurricane.  So of course Lois decides that's a great time to go out and get a story.

On the radio, Clark Kent wraps up the mystery of the 5 million dollar gold heist before setting off on a Native American adventure with Jimmy Olsen to solve the mystery of a series of deaths that are always accompanied by the howl of a coyote.

Not only that, but since 1940 is over, I take a few moments at the end to look back at the year and pick out some favorite and not so favorite works to come out of the franchise in the previous twelve months.

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033A Action Comics 33

After another of my now regular hiatuses, I am back to discuss Action Comics 33 with my good friend Charlie Niemeyer. We'll be looking at Jack Burnley's penultimate story of his fabled run on the book, featuring a will, a lumber mill, a muscled and mustachioed Frenchman, and Lois dying in a whirlpool! (spoilers)

In the back-up features, Tex Thomson undergoes a significant and patriotic transformation. We'll also discuss the latest affairs of Pep Morgan, the Black Pirate, the Three Aces, Clip Carson, and Zatara.

Thanks for listening!

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