Golden Age Superman
021 January 1940

Golden Age Superman is starting out a new year and a new decade. I'm back going solo this week to look at Action Comics 22, where Superman heads off to the war in Europe and runs into beautiful spies, intrigue, and massacre.  Then in the newspaper strips, the stories take a different approach on the war, as Clark Kent takes a job with spies and saboteurs.  Is it possible Clark Kent has turned traitor??

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  • Enjoyed this episode as usual. I read the superman story featured in this episode in that Limited Edition C-61. I bought it new in the mid '70's, then got a copy in better condition a few years ago from a local comic book shop. My favorite reprint of this edition was the superman origin, written by E. Nelson Bridwell, layouts by Carmine Infantino, pencils by Curt Swan and inks by Murphy Anderson. this is the same origin that showed Superman receiving honorary citizenship from the member UN nations. I was reminded of this story with the recent story from Action #900, where Superman renounced his citizenship. The cover was a reproduction of a painting by H. J. Ward. It hung in National Comics publisher Harry Donenfeld's office for a long time. It now hangs in the Lehman College library, although nobody seems to know how it got there. Here is a link to one news story about it: Keep up the good work. Listening to these golden age Superman stories reminds me how different he was from my childhood in the 1960's. that's why I'm keeping an open mind with the upcoming DC Relaunch in September. If I don't like this new version of the Man of Steel, I'll just begin picking up something else. I look forward to new episodes every week.

    posted by: Billy Hogan on 2011-06-12 21:54:36

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