Golden Age Superman
010 Golden Age Superman -- February 1939

How do you feel about chain gangs? Superman hates them. But he doesn't mind using the pain of prisoners along the way to taking one down.  It's Action Comics 10 on this episode of Golden Age Superman, and Superman decides to expose the corruptions within the prison labor system.  Problem is, he chooses one of the worst ways possible to do it.  Come check it out!

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  • I found it amusing that you seemed to draw a blank on Sheldon Moldoff. His "stint on Batman" really was basically him being the primary artist on Batman in Bob Kane's name. 14-some years of secretly doing Bob's work for him. He also co-created Bat-Girl, Poison Ivy, Bat-mite, Bat-hound, etc. Granted, you did talk about this being early in his career, and at this point was paid to do illustrated fact pages. The sports drawing from Action #1 was his first work, but really, at this early stage, people didn't have a large background in Superhero work. By July 1940 he'll be drawing Green Lantern's first cover.

    posted by: Jared on 2011-03-13 12:30:43

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