Golden Age Superman
009 Golden Age Superman -- January 1939

It's happy new year time here at Golden Age Superman as we say good bye to 1938 and hello to 1939, the year that saw Superman's popularity begin to explode.  In addition to the detective antics of Action Comics 9, this episode also covers Superman's premiere in a daily newspaper strip that will run for decades.  Later in the year, we will see an over-sized one-shot special leading off with a Superman story as well as the beginning of a quarterly comic book entirely devoted to his adventures.

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  • Great podcast! As a bit of FYI, when you mentioned that the Superman newspaper strips first premiered in the Houston Chronicle, it seemed to imply that they were the only paper to first carry it. The Boston Transcript, the Milwaukee Journal, and the San Antonio Express also ran the first strip on 1/16/39.

    posted by: Jared on 2011-03-04 01:39:12

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