Golden Age Superman
033A Action Comics 33

After another of my now regular hiatuses, I am back to discuss Action Comics 33 with my good friend Charlie Niemeyer. We'll be looking at Jack Burnley's penultimate story of his fabled run on the book, featuring a will, a lumber mill, a muscled and mustachioed Frenchman, and Lois dying in a whirlpool! (spoilers)

In the back-up features, Tex Thomson undergoes a significant and patriotic transformation. We'll also discuss the latest affairs of Pep Morgan, the Black Pirate, the Three Aces, Clip Carson, and Zatara.

Thanks for listening!

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  • (Sorry, meant to email but couldn't find the address mentioned on the podcast) Lana and the apple Arks zoot suit Belated thanks for a terrific episode. I was reading Action Comics #33 in the excellent Chronicles vol 5 and Cliff was a blonde all the way through. Certainly though, intermittent gingerness would turn anyone to a life of crime. When I saw Brett in that mask, sitting in the lumber camp office, I thought THAT was a printing error, but no, he really is wearing a mask. He looks like a Beagle boy. Looking ahead in that Chronicles edition, I see that Clark isn't quite on the perma-blue suit yet - check out his orange clown tailoring in Action #35. It reminds me of that Seventies Superman story in which Lois and Clark were going to a Forties party and he donned a zoot suit. I rather like super-hypnosis. Especially with lightning bolt eyes (ducks). Speaking of all the ways Superboy stopped Lana discovering his secret ID, remember the eagerly Seventies Legion story in which, just as Lana was actually about to kiss Clark under a tree, he got a call from the LSH and ... dropped an apple on her head. Nothing says Romance like knocking a girl unconscious with a piece of fruit. Interesting that Zatara was helping a young woman look for her missing father, given that years later his own daughter searched for him (was Zatanna the first legacy hero? And was Zatara perhaps the first hero who turned out to be on the 'wrong' Earth ... or simply one of the first Earth One characters, along with Slam Bradley - mind, we never 'learned' that until the Nineties).

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