Golden Age Superman
006 Golden Age Superman -- October 1938

Welcome back everyone to Golden Age Superman.  This episode, we are taking a look at Action Comics 6, published in October 1938, which sees Superman face down his own ... personal manager??  It's a cornball story with lots of good bits, especially with the evils of Lois Lane.  Also, my thoughts and feelings on the casting of Henry Cavill as the newest Superman!  So the episode's a bit longer than usual this week.  Hope you enjoy!

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  • Hi Jon: Just listening to ep. 6 on my way to work, and heard you wondering if Charles Atlas was even around when Action Comics #6 was published. I have a copy of The Phantom Detective pulp magazine dated December 1937 in which a Charles Atlas ad appears on the first content page. So it was around at least pre-1938. The wikipedia article doesn't mention ads in pulps, focussing instead on the comic ads, but does mention that Charles Atlas Ltd. was formed in 1929. - Cheers, Kent

    posted by: Kent Hare on 2011-08-22 13:48:31

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